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Section 24

Vocabulary nº 3


:All (the circle is all covered by lines)

: Only (there is only one spot in the circle)

: Only one, Unique

: Factory (at least, in the old sense)

: School (see the teacher pointing at blackboard)

: To have (in the sense of possess, a hand almost closed so as to hold something)

: But (as it is something contrary to what has been said before)

: Equal (the same sign as in maths)

: Different (as in maths)

: Letter

: Syllable

: Word

: Sentence

: Energy (a compressed spring holds energy)

: Exhaustion (an expanded spring)

: Weak (by contrast with Strong)

: For (imitating the upward movement of our hand when we say "for him" or "for you")

: Seat

: Around

: Around (another picto with same meaning)

: To say (arrow coming out of the mouth)

: Tired



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