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Section 22

Compound Pictos


Most pictos are simple figures. But we have already seen that the picto Lunch () is made up of two pictos, Noon and Eat. This sort of picto is called Compound Picto. These pictos are very common because adding together two or three simple pictos we can form new words. For instance, the word Fortress is picted :


which actually means Strong House Against. Compound words are frequent in conventional language, where many words are made up by two or even three simple words put together. For instance, Tele-phone, Con-gratulate, Father-in-law, etc


Section 23

Explanation of pictos


Many pictos can be easily understood. Others, need some explanation. Actually, pictos should not be guessed, they should be learnt just as we do when we learn a foreign language. Many times, an explanation is convenient or necessary. For instance the picto shows a child doing some action; but once we are told that the normal action for a child is To play, we can understand the picto .

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