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Section 25

Sequential pictograms


We shall see very often that some compound pictograms follow a sequence, both stages separated by an arrow (). For instance, To transform is picted , meaning that the first picto () is transformed into the second () to show that a thing becomes a different one. Or take the picto (). We see here that the man who was just walking is running now, he is Accelerating. And we may reverse the pictos:

. This will mean To slow down.
. This will mean To stop.

Sequential pictograms are another important tool in Pictography and a source of meanings of all kinds. For instance:

: The fire went on

The second element in this picto is the same as the first, something that means continuation. the dot at the left of the picto means, as we already know, first, that it is a verb and second, that it is in the Past Tense.

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