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Section 45.2

Language: people's speech, a language is the way people speak

By: This preposition is picted like the small picto for action because it indicates who o what does the action. For instance: This is done by hand - it is only in this sense that we can use

To compel: someone walking because he is pushed from behind.

The: this article is normally implied when we mention a noun.

Therefore, means the money. See section 15 about the article The.

Union: political or social. Two persons together holding the same flag.

Spend: money going out. In the article that follows the verb is in past tense, so it means Spent:

The number 10 with the little 9 up: it is the mathematical way to express a billion. It is a worldwide mathematical symbol.

Million can be picted as it is done in math, 10 to the sixth power (i.e. 106). Mathematics is already a universal language. It does not need to be converted into pictograms although we must say that we have entirely pictographic numerals, see section 16 on Pictos for Numerals.

To translate: words under a flag changed into words under

another flag, either as an interpreter (by mouth) or translating documents, books, etc (by pen)

For the picto Language see section 45.1

Meeting: People sitting around a table but with the picto once to mean that they do not form a permanent body but are together for one session. Remember picto for Once in section 42 of the introduction.

The picto for Year can be seen in section 38


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