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Section 45.1

What follows is a vocabulary to enable the reader to translate the English version of the article Babelling On from the previous section into pictograms. We assume the reader is familiar with the explanations given in the Introductory Guide, sections 1 to 43.

We explain here also some other pictograms related to the ones in the article.

Authority (eagle's wings) People with authority is shown under the wings of an eagle

Government (men sitting down around a table on a stand under the picto authority). The stand is a sign of pre-eminence.

Money (two coins together)

To pay (the picto money as a verb)

Cost (when money equals things) See the "x" mark

Price, selling price (when things equal money). See the "x"

To buy (money converted into things)

To sell (things converted into money)

Expensive (money bigger than things)

Country, Nation (a land with a national flag)

Region (a land with a national flag, but see the mark "x")


Generalization of a picto

Sometimes we want to give a general meaning to a picto. For instance, people relative to individual human beings. In these cases we put a circle or oval around the picto, so we have:

Person People Man Manhood

The oval or circle can be replaced by a small one on top of the picto:

Manhood, People,


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