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Vocabulary nº 2


: Fire

: To burn

: A Fire (things burning)

: About

: According to, Along (the dotted line follows the bends of the other line)

: Substance, Stuff, Matter (what is inside the thing, notice the mark )

: Apply (in the sense of putting upon)

: World

: Work (man with picto Action)

: Rest (from work)

: Rest, Relax

: Vomit (from throat to outside)

: Stop (at the end of sentence)

: Town (three houses together)

: Temperature (the column of a thermometer)

: To see (an eye, see the arrow to show it is the infinitive)

: To bring (man brings something)

: Reject (he makes a negative gesture to what is offered to him)

: Fuel (substance for burning)

: Distance (four short lines)

: Against (a closed fist projected forward)

: To eat (arrow going into mouth)

: Breakfast (morning eat)

: Lunch (midday eat)

: Dinner (evening eat)

: Meal (day eat)

: Meal (man sitting at table)

: Drink

: Bed

: Cold (the arrow pointing to the lower side of the temp.)

: Street (see the mark)

: Square

: Lie down

: Power (a strong arm)

: Can (same as Power)

: Sit down

: Sit down

: Get up

: Get up

: Hand

The verb Can may be used in all tenses: Past, Present, Future and Infinitive.



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