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Section 8

Vocabulary nº 1


: With (one thing with the other)

: Without (With crossed out)

: Inside

: Outside, Out

: Time (represented as a clock)

: Ground, Land (a long line at the bottom)

: Place (spot on the land)

: Day (represented by the sun on the land)

: Night

: Morning (sun rising from horizon)

: Afternoon

: Noon (sun in the middle of the picto Land)

: Evening

: Top, On top

: Under, Underneath

: Chair

: Table

: Liquid (liquids make waves)

: Water (liquid in a glass)

: Gas (represented as little dots)

: Base (the base of a triangle)

: Water (basic liquid)

: Air (gas on the land)

: Eye

: Face (if we included the forehead the picto would be too tall)

: A, An

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