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Section 45.4

All This picto admits the plural sign ( __ ) for the sake of clarity as we can see in the text above when it applies to a noun in plural (difficulties).

It is easy to use a hammer on a wide head nail than on a narrow one. Look at the arrow indicating that it is an adverb. If the hammer were on the thin nail the picto means difficult.

Clumsy, by contrast with the picto thing made correctly. The curved under-arrow in the direction of the noun indicates it is an adjective.

Well: A smiling face saying yes is like saying well.

Well can be also represented by contrast with clumsy.

Adverbs were not included in our Introduction Guide, so we'll give here a short explanation. An adverb modifies a verb or other word, therefore may have an under-arrow in the direction of that word. To avoid confusion with adjectives we make the arrow straight as the reader may see in the picto Easily. But to put the under arrow straight instead of curved or vice versa is not important, if the sentence is understood all the same.

Defeat (the difficultly): the picto thing with fist ahead which means against is bent down by the person who raises his arms in triumph.

Plan, Planning: This picto means graphically “written rules for action", which is in essence a plan.

Patent: From nothing ( ) to thing ( ) which means create. The human figure sitting on the thing created and saying it is my thing.

This picto as it is written should mean One in plural, i.e. more than one. (Section 16 of this Introduction Guide). But as it has the under arrow indicating that it is an adjective directed to the noun Countries and is in plural its meaning can be only Some in plural, that is Some Countries or more than one country. The term "One in plural" looks like a contradiction but in pictography is quite possible.

Because. This Word means the reason of what we have said before. I eat because I feel hungry, If we analyze this sentence we shall see that because means the cause (to feel hungry) which underlies our decision to eat. Therefore it looks rather pictographic to draw the picto as an arrow downwards and pointing in the direction of the cause.

This word has other meaning apart from new. If I refer to my just bought car, I may say "my new car" even if it was second hand. Or a woman may say "my new husband" if she marries for a second time even if her husband is a very old man. So that the picto , which means graphically Now thing is good enough, we think.


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