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Section 42

Once, Twice, Three times, etc


When we want to indicate the word ONCE we may lower our hand, strike our fingers gently against the table and raise it again. It is a down and up movement, which can be represented as: . So we have:

Once :   Twice :   Three times :


Section 43

Very, Intense, Intensify


We pict Very as because this word is like stressing something. Three lines on top of each other convey this meaning:

Derivatives in Pictography are not always the same as in conventional languages. In Pictography we deal with meanings rather than with words. The word Very is an example. We can see that its meaning is similar to Intense. If someone says he has an intense headache he means he is hurting very much. Therefore, if we made an adjective () out of Very, it will mean Intense. And if we give a step further and make it a verb (), it will mean Intensify. And if we apply the rule of the Sequential Pictos, Intensify could be also represented by , literally meaning "from small very to big very".

What we have just seen shows an important aspect of Pictography: That many pictograms can be made an adjective, a verb or a noun, depending on the mark we put.


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