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Section 16

Pictos for Numerals


Numerals are written in Pictography the same as in conventional language.

The number ONE is written
For example:


Numerals are an easy challenge for pictography, for example:

2: 3: and 23 would be written: or ,etc


We are not going to use these pictograms because it is very easy to change them by adding one or two strokes to the picto, thus making these unfit for financial matters.

For example:
To convert a two ( ) into a four ( ), so that it would read 4,000 instead of 2,000, which is a big difference!

So we have created a system for numerals which is pictographic and is impossible to change one numeral picto into another. Although in this introduction we are using western numerals (also called Arabic because of their origin) as they are known world wide, we want to show our pictorial system anyway:

1 6
2 7
3 8
4 9
5 0

Each figure has as many strokes as its numeral value. For example, the number 8 has 8 strokes, and so on. So just by counting the strokes, the reader knows the value of the numeral. After some time the value of the picto comes automatically to the mind.

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